They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but I'm not so sure that applies in the fashion industry, where making an imitation is just a way to make money from someone else's design. That being said, when a design comes along as fabulous as the Charles David "Rumble" boot, I can't really blame other companies for copying them.

The "Rumble," a tall riding-style leather boot with buckle detailing and a zip-up back, retails at almost $400. Then came along the Steve Madden "Roady," which elaborated on the original design by adding a larger zipper in a contrasting color and making it available in a variety of colors. This boot came with a $200 price tag and gained a lot of popularity due to its more widespread market appeal.

However, the $200 price is still pretty high for most people, and I've seen quite a few imitations of the "Roady" at even cheaper prices. See below for the "Roady" and its imitations:


Steve Madden "Roady", $199.95


Madden Girl "Zoiiee", $79.50 - This is nearly the same as the "Roady," since it comes from Steve Madden's lower-priced line.


Mossimo "Kaden" (Target), $34.99 - I really wanted these boots in the tan/camel color, but they're sold out at every Target I've looked and in my size online -- what does that tell you about their popularity?


Forever 21 Zipper Back Boots, $34.80 - This one only comes in black, unfortunately, but it still gives you the look of the "Roady"/"Rumble" for a lot cheaper!

Soda Shoes "Nakia", $32.50 - I actually bought these in gray after coming across a great deal on them online, but I'm still looking for a tan variety (in any of the styles here).

Do you own any of these boots? What do you think of designer imitations in general?