Every morning I look forward to receiving my WhoWhatWear.com daily email. Instead of "You've Got Mail," my inbox should say "You've Got Fashion." This morning as I checked my favorite email, this MESS popped onto the screen...Yuck!  

Dolls, I don't know about these trends. Let's break them down, shall we?

Wide leg pants: I can dig 'em, make sure to wear heels though, to elongate your legs.

Neon lips: Does neon red count?

Platforms: LOVE PLATFORMS!  But you know what I don't love? These flat no-heel platform things they've posted.

Disco: Eh. We'll see.

Downtown lady: Ooh they're speaking my language!

Tiny pleats: Honestly this stuff reminds me of Halston, which then brings us back to disco.  So, once again, eh. More here

Guest blog submitted by ally in wonderland.