Who wears white jeans in the winter? I do! And I do so because in cold winter weather, I can pair white jeans with loads of layers and even better, a long coat. And do you know why this is so very appealing? Because a long coat hides all the parts about white jeans that make me not want to wear them! So, until I have my summer booty in tow, ready to parade my lady lumps around town in tight white jeans, I get the best of both worlds wearing them in the winter.

What I'm Wearing
* Vintage charcoal gray coat seen here belted
* Thrifted oversized denim shirt
* "Made & Crafted" Levi's "The Skinny" in "Clean White"
* Rosegold gray boots...I can't stop wearing them, they're my go-to's of the moment.
* DVF navy brushed suede bag from HauteLook
* Tiffany lock necklace, various stacking rings, vintage silk polka-dotted tie

What do you think of this outfit? Are you a fan of white jeans during winter?

Guest blog submitted by ...love Maegan.