I am so thrilled to see the Madonna for Macy's collection! Who doesn't love Madonna? Everybody knows Madonna. Aside from being an 80's icon, she also shares my birth date (ha!). 

She's a very inspiring person, one who succeeds in changing her image from a wild child to a polished professional entertainer. Gotta love her spirit.

Like other artists, Madonna has jumped on the "celebrities meets retailers" bandwagon. Her collection, exclusively for Macy's, is called "Material Girl." How very Madonna!

The collection includes apparel, footwear, handbags, jewelry and hair accessories, with a price range of $12 - $80. It was co-designed by her daughter, Lourdes. The clothing's for juniors, but I found it cool enough for the young-at-heart adults too. Not to mention that the ad model is Taylor Momsen.

A quote from Madonna on her Material Girl collection: 
"A Material Girl is a girl that is interested in fashion and interested in music and interested in fun...And has a sense of humor...And is an adventurous human being."

Click here to go to Macy's to take a look at the Material Girl collection.

What do you think of Madonna's collection for Macy's? Will you be wearing these items?

Guest blog submitted by Two Thousand Things