What I'm Wearing
Vintage patchwork leather jacket with the tags cut out. This thing is so ancient, most of the lining is ripping out around the armholes, but I love it. I found it at a thrift shop over 10 years ago and have worn it off and on ever since. It was one of those special finds because it fit so perfectly it could have been made for me.

I mean, look at the sleeve length! It's so rare to find a vintage coat or jacket with sleeves that hang all the way to my wrists, let alone below them. While patchwork comes and goes, as do leathers in general, this is still one of my all-time favorite finds, and it always seems to come back in style. I wore it once in a Lookbook from January 2009. (Wow ...really, 2 years ago? Sheesh!)

* White fleece sweatshirt from Victoria's Secret worn over a shimmery black burnout henley (also from Victoria's Secret, but purchased years apart)
* My most comfy jeans of the moment, Paige Premium denim "Debbonair" in "rebel without a cause" wash
* A fabulously ginormous charcoal gray scarf I found for $15 at the little sundry shop in the lobby of the building the art gallery is attached to ...and it's quite warm.
* Rosegold gray ankle boots {find a pair in brown here}
* Tom Ford cat eye sunglasses
* Nails: one coat of OPI "You Don't Know Jacques!" with one coat of OPI "My Private Jet"

* And last but CERTAINLY not least, my sequined fanny pack - in Gray Hematite {which, if you follow me on Twitter, you'd know all about already...and how I secretly enjoyed watching girls mock me as I walked by. Now, if you DO follow my tweets, you may also know that I bought not ONE but THREE different sequined fanny packs. This one is my favorite. They are a whopping $11.50 each and shipped from downtown L.A. I could probably find them for a cheaper price if I just drove downtown to get 'em.

Note: Even on its smallest setting, the belt for the "pack" was too large & slipped down my hips, and I'm not a tiny woman. In a pinch (no pun intended) I folded over/under & safety pinned the canvas strap to fit!

What do you think of this outfit? Would you ever get a fashionable fanny pack?

Guest blog submitted by Love Maegan