A pump with lace detail adds a very chic touch to your outfit. These black, nude, and yellow (er, "straw"-colored) Alexander McQueen lace pumps come with the standard stratospheric heel height and price tag...but even if you do have $450 to burn on heels, they're sold out. With a little research, here are some cheaper alternatives to the McQueen pump. 




Fioni Night Kate Lace Flower D'Orsay Pump, on sale for $16.99

While this option from Payless may not be the dupe of your dreams, they'll at least be kinder to your wallet and feet. And if you're lucky enough to encounter their black and gold incarnations - which I've seen in stores, but maddeningly, nowhere online - go for it!

Ann Taylor Abbey Lace Pump, on sale for $79.99

Abbey is more like the mature older sister of the original lace pump. With 3 1/2-inch heels as opposed to 5, this pump gives the professional work shoe a little extra flair. Still looks good with an LBD, though. (The awesome Lace Bootie kicks it up a notch - and another inch or so - for parties, but $198 is definitely on the steep side.)

What do you think of lace pumps? Do you have any other cheap alternatives?