2010 was one of the most amazing years ever! I worked on the election campaign, learned a lot about myself and this blog became more a part of me. In 2010, the blog allowed me to do things and go to events that I would never have dreamed about. I made some amazing friends through the blog and really enjoyed myself.

I thought I'd do a round up of all my favorite outfits of 2010: 

Pictured above: 1. I wore this while in Dubai. I love that skirt (Joy) and the shoes (Vans) are my favorite shoes. I remember it was February and everyone here at home was cold.

2. This was the first warm day of the year (April or May I think). I whipped out the dress (Hollister), but still had to wear tights as it was a tad chilly.

3. I wore this one my last night out while I was at a Political Conference back in March. I've worn the dress (Camden Market) more than once this year and love it. I also spent the evening with a very attractive guy.

4. I wore this to my cousin's wedding in March while in Pakistan. I'm not usually a fan of traditional clothes, but loved the color and style of this one. It's really unique.

The first time this year that I could leave the house without tights. Love this dress so much (Motel Rocks) and did actually spend most of my summer in it. It just fit so well.

6. I wore this to the TIA's, in June. I loved the '60's style and print of the dress (Pakistan) and I remember having a great evening.

My first playsuit (from Max C). I wore it while at Lovebox Festival, in July, courtesy of Aussie Hair. It was my first festival and I had such a fantastic time that I can't wait to get going to some festivals this summer.

This was what I wore for the first Take 10 Project, where the waistcoat was sent by Dorothy Perkins. I wore this to dinner with my friends and felt great in it.

I wore this to the Pretty Reckless gig I was at in August. I'm not usually one to dress up that much for gigs but I had to as it was Taylor Momsen. I absolutely fell in love with the band that night.

10. Finally, I wore this to a HP Event in October. Again, I wore this dress a lot (H&M) to various parties and events this year.

So tell me, which is your favorite? And what's your favorite outfit that you've worn this year?

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