I’m going through a sheer clothing phase. The MinkPink tunic caught my eye early on, but I really became obsessed with the Cheap Monday top. I mentally went through my closet, discovering dress after dress that would be totally re-imagined when paired with a sheer blouse. Oh the possibilities! It almost became mine yesterday but at the last minute I stopped short.


$12 for shipping?! What?? For one sheer blouse?! I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. The shirt was originally $50, on sale for $35, then discounted to $21, so technically I’m still paying less than full price – and less than the sale price. But STILL. $12 for shipping. That’s just obscene. This isn’t the first highly-desired item I’ve abandoned due to shipping costs.

I had also convinced myself that this Anthropologie top was essential (perhaps a precursor to my sheer phase?), but I couldn’t bring myself to pay $8.95 for shipping. So what am I willing to pay?

Mmmhmm. Victoria’s Secret and Shopbop have my online business. I might even pay up to $6, but no more than that. If SSense had free shipping for purchases of $50 or more, I’d rather spend another $30 than pay for $12 shipping. Is this crazy? I hate feeling like I could buy another item for the price I’m paying for shipping. Even if nothing else could be found for $12 it just feels like too much. On the other hand, I’m still obsessing over this top and all the outfit transformations it would create! I’ve been watching it online for a couple of months and haven’t found anything like it (at the same or better price) in stores (or on other websites).

This is quite an unsatisfactory shopping situation, no? What would you do? Do you mind paying for shipping?

Guest blog submitted by The Fashionista Lab