As girl into fashion and a student of the art of fashion, it is important to understand the true meaning of the f word: Fashion.

What does it really mean and what is it’s purpose? 

For me, fashion helps you express ‘yourself’ and therefore it should always be based on what you find interesting – and no one else! 

Fashion is an expression of one’s inner self and not a reflection of every one’s expectation of what should be expressed. The land of true fashion is a lion’s den and you better know what you’re up against before throwing yourself into the roaring dungeon of darkness! Okay, maybe that’s a bit overboard but hey, you’ve seen the movies, (the one true source )- the fashion world is brutal and people’s understanding and definition of fashion is even more scary.

Basically because it’s always about what everyone else is wearing when really; people should see themselves as canvases, each one made for a masterpiece and who wants to enter a gallery where you would swear the artists just pasted and copied each other? I couldn’t even be paid to enter that gallery (okay let’s be honest, I’m a poor student and if the pay is good I’ll set the mood! lol just kidding)!

I think that fashion should be seen as something that represents a rhythm but the steps we choose to move to the music with, should be our own- we should move freely and not bound to the must-have-lists. Because seriously, nothing is as refreshing as seeing someone walk down the street in their own little world of awesomeness! So why so scared to stand out, don’t be a slave to what the trend pages say – and if you have to, be inspired not numbed and brainwashed to become a ‘fashslave’- different is brilliant and who knows, you could absolutely be walking down the street spreading your little share of awesomeness with your genuine uniqueness.

Remember, fashion is ‘a general term for the style and custom prevalent at a given time” which basically means that fashion is constantly fleeting while style is forever. 

So put down those trend slaved zombie hands and become an admirable masterpiece!

What are your feelings about fashion? Where do you place your craze, are you a zombie or masterpiece?