I took an idea from an old magazine that has an article about 5 days outfit for work. So I thought I will give you some inspirations for your next week's work outfit. I have two sets. The first set is for formal office wear.

It's perfect for those of you who works in a formal environment, such as Legal Office, Finance, Public Relation, International Company, etc..

While the second set is for less-formal office wear, it's for those of you who works in a less formal or creative environment such as Advertising, Event Organizer, Media, etc..


If you work in a formal office then you should opt for a clean silhouette and crisp looking outfit. You can choose to accent it with a more upbeat or bold accessories, just keep it professional looking and neat.
Stripes and houndstooth are the best print for you. Blouses with bows or ruffles are formal enough if paired with something more sturdy and sophisticated such as a well fit blazer or a pencil skirt. Remember to keep the bows/ruffles to a minimum, don't go with layers of ruffles or too many bows, because it will make you look like a child and unprofessional.

For skirts and pants choose a straight cut with neutral or soft color. A pretty necklace and a nice belt are versatile things to make your overall look less boring. Opt for a simple bag with not much detail, a solid color or a combination of two colors are more appropriate than multiple color bags. The same goes with shoes. Try to choose a solid or combination of 2 colors. If you want to wear shoes with modern detail make sure it has a solid or neutral color and keep the overall look neat enough so that the whole look is still professional.


For you who works in a less formal environment such as in a creative industry, then you don't have to dress too up-tight. Express yourself in your work wear, but make sure that you still looks polished.
As you work in a less formal environment then your choice of colors are more flexible, you can wear bold colors as well as dressed up in shades of pastels, as long as your overall look is representable enough to go to work.

Argyle motifs is great for you. But you can wear polkadots too if you want, keep the dots small or wear it as an accent. Blouses or skirts with a little edgy detail are okay if paired with something else more traditional or neutral, like the Monday outfit above. Shirts with vests are a good choice. Clean cut cardigans and turtlenecks area also a good investment. Mix and match them nicely without going overboard. Play with different accessories. Keep the whole look professional and fun.

What do you think of these outfits? Would you wear any of them for your job?

Guest blog submitted by Two Thousand Things