When I was a teenager, I hated trying to find bras that were both really cute and that would actually fit me. For the longest time, due to being fed up, I resorted to sports bras. That is until I found some places that actually have awesome bras for girls/women that are, say, bigger than average.

Since I can't stand to hear ladies complain about how they cannot find a bra/lingerie that actually fits them, I am going to introduce you to two of my favorite places to buy my pieces from.


This is, honestly, one of my favorite stores all around. They boast a line of very sexy lingerie and fun printed bras.

(On sale for $28.50; store sizes 0-4 or 12-28)

($34, sizes starting at 40C and ranging to 44DDD)

($34, sizes ranging from 40C to 44DDD)

Frederick's of Hollywood

Sure, they might look like a less classy version of Victoria's Secret but, Frederick's is actually great quality. And, let's face it, they always have amazing deals on their clothes, be them bras or jeans.

(Bra is $32 in sizes 32DD to 44F, in nine color choices)

(Bra is $32, sizes 34DD to 42F, in three color choices)

($39 in sizes 1-3X, in four color choices)

I really do suggest you ladies that are complaining about not having anything sexy/cute to wear for your boyfriends/girlfriends/husbands check these sites out for yourselves. It's not dirt cheap but it's not as expensive as sending away for custom-bras from catalogs.

Have you shopped these stores for bras? Where is your favorite place to find a good bra?