While the economy might be lagging, that doesn't mean our desires for shopping have subsided... we just need a tweak in the way we purchase our spring must-haves. Definitley keep reading, as Sandra Soich, mega-stylist and founder of Your Fashion Therapist shares her tips for dressing like a million bucks without having to crack open that piggy bank:

My favorite fashion trend for Spring 2010?  YOU.

Fashion magazines are wonderful. They set the vibe for shape, color and accessories. The problem comes in the translation from Vogue to looking good in our daily lives. We see a dress for $2000. So beautiful, so new… you want it. #1 you may not have the $2000 for the dress and #2 you may simply not look good in that dress. How can we make these latest trends work for us? We have to look at our body, our coloring and our lifestyle.

I was always a shopper who believed in buying that “right” piece which was very expensive and that I could wear everyday because I liked it so much. Things have changed. Yes, I still do purchase those pieces but have taken the plunge and am now buying less expensive “translated” pieces. For example: Target represents a new designer each month. This month happens to be Liberty of London. The clothing is definitely affordable.

The trend is “prints”. Yes, it might be “young” but the magic is buying one piece that fits your lifestyle and body type. It might be a skirt that is straight in which case you could wear a fuller blouse, or it could be a flaired skirt with a tighter fitting top depending on your body type.

Another trend for spring is Color, Color, Color. Take those neutrals that you already have from last spring and introduce the bright vivid colors for this year. I normally wear neutrals and accessorize with color, but this year I couldn’t stop buying color. When I saw these beautiful shades, I set aside $500 to buy my colorful spring wardrobe.

I purchased the most beautiful coral color cardigan (cardigans are IN and belted for this season) for $10. I paired it with white corduroy jeans and a mushroom color tank top
and have received so many compliments on it. Next I purchased a boyfriend jacket for $90 and several colorful tops to wear under the jacket, pants, sundresses, shoes, jewelry, etc. I’ve never gotten so much for my money and continue to get compliments on a daily basis. Spring Sales are already in full bloom. It takes some time, but you can find exactly what you’re looking for at very reasonable prices.

Of course, another tip, and I NEVER did this before, is to watch the TV Home Shopping programs. If you can get beyond the chatting, there’s a lot of information to be had. They deliver trends, tell you how a garment should fit, tips on accessorizing and different ways of wearing an outfit. If you looking for direction, take the information you get and go shopping!

Spring is a fresh start for clothing as well as a new haircut or new color…and, it’s always very uplifting to take a trip to your favorite make-up counter for a make-over and an introduction to Spring colors.  Feeling good is working on the entire package. The most important trend again is knowing yourself and where to draw the line.  Age appropriate dressing and a mirror is key!

Were these tips helpful? How are you going to pinch the pennies this spring?

Guest blog submitted by 24-7 Style