I know I keep harping on the summer thing, but really, it's almost summer! I'm so happy.

American Eagle for Payless Regis Huarache Sandal (above), $22.99 at payless.com, American Eagle Huarache Sandals, $29.50 at ae.com, Frye Jacey Sandal, $148 at zappos.com: On another random note, I'm really feeling huaraches for summer.  I basically live in some sort of sandal for the entire summer, but flips flops can be boring and gladiators are really played out.  I think huaraches are a fun, interesting alternative.  They look unique, but familiar in a boho, world-traveler sort of way, and have an amazingly earthy vibe that would work so well with ethereal summer clothing.  Huaraches come in a variety of shapes, colors, and prices.  These AE for Payless huaraches are so affordable that it doesn't even matter if they aren't well made, and these AE huaraches come in a really fun range of colors.  I love the depth of this ruby hue, which would pop perfectly against a sundress.  If you're looking for a sturdier pair, I'd go for these Frye huaraches.  Since they're Frye, you know they'll be well-made, and again, they come in a lot of different, natural colors.

Do you like these sandals? Do you own a pair?

Guest blog submitted by Awkward Chic
Image Sources:
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