Outfit Inspiration For Graduation

Outfit Inspiration For Graduationvia College Prepster

For many, graduation day is quickly approaching. Although life may be stressful at the moment, you will soon be walking across the stage to receive your well-earned diploma! I remember when I graduated last year, it was so nice to finally finish finals and relax and focus on finding something cute to wear to make the garbage bag-like gown look a little bit better.

Whether you’re graduating or even attending a graduation, here are some inspiration to inspire an outfit perfect for celebrating!

Outfit 1:

I love bright dresses that scream celebration! For me, wedges or flats are also a must-have for graduation! Fortunately, I’ve managed not to trip and fall on stage, but I’ve definitely seen it happen! To avoid encountering a potentially embarrassing moment, be sure you can easily walk in your shoes and they don’t sink in grass or turf.

Outfit Inspiration For Graduation

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Marisa’s Spring Shoe Wish List

Marisa's Spring Shoe Wish Listvia O My Heart

During the cold months of winter, I don’t really change my shoe style. I can most often be found wearing tall or short boots. Spring time, however, is a different story. I suddenly find myself craving every style of shoe imaginable. The days of wearing warm socks and comfy boots are almost behind us and I am more then ready to add some new spring-ready shoes! Whenever I’m online window shopping (which is a hobby of mine), I find myself scrolling through pages of pretty shoes that I would love to buy. A few, however, have been in the front of my mind that I am so tempted to buy.

Here are some of my favorite shoes and styles I am completely lusting over:

Marisa's Spring Shoe Wish List

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11 Sneakers To Rock This Spring

Lately I’ve been all about giving my feet a break from uncomfortable flats and heels. And with all of the cute comfortable footwear floating around, finding a good pair is pretty simple! Here are some cute athletic shoes and slip-ons that I’m currently loving…

New Balance 574 Sneaker | Woolen Sami Sneaker

Comme Des Garcons Low-Top Sneaker | Superga Heart Platform Sneaker | Vans Embossed Weave Slip-On Sneaker

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Favorite Swimsuit Styles For Spring and Summer

Some of my favorite stores have started introducing their newest swimwear styles. I have a habit of buying quite a few swimwear pieces just in anticipation of summer time and I like to ensure that I have a variety to choose from. Even though I already have a drawer full, there are so many cute pieces already that I can’t help buying a couple more.

Here are my favorites swimsuits and styles to wear when the weather warms up!


I’m usually not really a fan of one-pieces, but I’m really loving this cutout trend. They’re so stylist and unique. For obvious tanning reasons, I probably wouldn’t wear these if I was planning to lay out on the beach, but these would be great for a pool party or for a quick dip in the pool.


 1. Abercrombie and Fitch | 2. American Eagle | 3. Free People


High-waisted anything is a trend that I especially love for all seasons. I’ve seen high-waisted bathing suit options popping up everywhere lately. Although this particular style may not be too flattering on my body shape, I love how it looks on other girls. This is a great option if you want to cover up a bit more or just look super trendy and chic!high-waisted-swim

1. PacSun| 2. Forever 21 | 3. Urban Outfitters

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Spring Break Outfit Ideas

via Make Life Easier

Spring Break is here and hopefully you are off to the beach or somewhere warm. Many stores have their spring and some of their summer clothing out and there are so many cute things! Below are a few outfit ideas for your Spring Break trip with some of my favorite new items. If you are not going anywhere, summer is just around the corner so it won’t be too long until you can wear these adorable pieces.

F O R  T H E  B E A C H

Hat | Sunglasses | Bikini Top | Bikini Bottom | Bag | Sunscreen | Flip-Flops

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6 Rain Jackets For Spring

I always seem to forget about rain jackets until spring rolls around. The weather has been a little icy and rainy lately and I’m definitely shopping around for a fun waterproof option. Here are a few that are definitely on my wishlist…

Topshop Plastic Rain Jacket via Nordstrom

I love this fun rain jacket—it goes with just about everything in my wardrobe.

clear rain coatClear Contrast Rain Jacket via ASOS

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Marisa’s Favorite Dress Styles For Spring

All this sunny weather that we’re experiencing in California is making me especially excited to start wearing some cute dresses! I love wearing dresses because they’re so easy to throw on and it usually looks like I put a lot of effort into my outfit. As I’m out shopping, I’ve been noticing that stores are now starting to stock their racks with bright colors, florals and dresses. With so many to choose from already, it’s so hard to narrow down which are my favorites.

Since my spring months are filled with bridal showers and birthdays, I’ll definitely be purchasing some chic dresses. Here are some of my favorite dress styles for welcoming spring time and all the festivities it has to offer!

Shift Dresses

Shift Dresses1. Asos | 2. Nordstrom | 3. Revolve

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