Best Dressed: Coachella Weekend #1

The first weekend of desert festival Coachella has come to an end. Along with great performances and various celebrity sightings, there was also great fashion from the various attendees. While shorts and boots were a popular look, there were also some more outlandish styles that definitely caused me some fashion envy. Below are some of my favorite outfits from this past weekend and why these attendees rocked their looks.

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Annie’s Spring Maternity Style

Seeing as I pouted and whined so much about the winter weather, I refuse to do any complaining about warm temperatures this spring and summer. That said, I’ve already realized that while carrying around some extra pounds (some of which being an assumingly adorable baby), pants are simply NOT an option for me. This spring I plan to keep it easy, breezy (beautiful even?) and comfortable. Check out some of my spring maternity style pics.

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Maximize Your Closet Space With These Tips

A walk-in closet is every girl’s dream but depending on your closet space sometimes walk-ins are impossible to have. Apartments with very little  storage space are one of the reasons why having a huge closet is hard to have, but this shouldn’t stop you from organizing all of your clothes. Working with a small space is completely doable. Finding great tools to maximize your space will do wonders for your closet and your clothes.

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Best Dressed: 2014 MTV Movie Awards

The 2014 MTV Movie Awards were in full swing last night as Zac Efron graced us with his shirtless body and Conan O’Brien cracked us up with his humorous and always outlandish jokes. Although many were excited for the awards that were going to be handed out, I was mostly excited for the glamorous looks that would be gracing the red carpet. Below are some of my favorite looks from the award show and who truly stood out among the rest.

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6 Sneakers To Step Up Your Sneaker Game

Sneakers are by far one of my favorite footwear options and probably make up over half of my shoe wardrobe. What I love most are how they accent any outfit, whether you are mixing feminine and masculine or sporty and dressy, they always offer a welcome surprise. 

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Find The Perfect Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Sunglasses are the perfect accessory for spring and summer. With all the different shapes and sizes it may be overwhelming to pick out the best shades for you. There actually are specific kinds of sunglasses that are more flattering for specific face shapes…

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Nikole’s Favorite Celebrity Looks From Coachella 2014

Coachella is known for its great music, floral crown fashion and flocks of celebrities. Tons of celebs ranging from socialites to pop stars gathered at this years famous Coachella music festival. These were some of my favorite celebrity looks from the first weekend of the giant desert party! 

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