Fall Trend To Try: 60′s Mod

Many fall collections, look books, and magazines have been released recently and they are all unique but remain cohesive. One trend I see across many of these fall guides is 60′s Mod: bright electric patterns, bold black and white, mini skirts, tall boots and shift dresses. The trend can be tricky to master in an era with so many clashing fashion feels, but I have some tips on mastering a bold Mod look.

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1. Keep It Simple

If you want to tackle the 60′s Mod look, start off by choosing one look at a time. If you wear a shift dress, knee high boots and loopy earrings you will look straight out of the 60s. That is perfect if you are trying to achieve that look, but if you want to subtly incorporate the trend into your wardrobe, start by wearing a funky geometric pattern or oversized sunnies.

2. Pair The Old With The New

If you want to keep your outfit looking modern, pair a more mod piece with a piece from this year. Look to pair a bold colored shift dress with a boyfriend blazer to keep it chic but also in this decade. Fall is the perfect time to incorporate boots into your look so buy yourself a pair of knee highs in a neutral color—this is an easy way to start wearing the mod trend now.

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5 Must-Reads For The Subway

For us city girls, public transport is a huge part of life, and usually takes too much time off of our busy day. Many times, sitting on the subway can seem like an enormous waste of time, which is why I use it as a small getaway where I don’t focus on work and where I get all my reading done. Regardless of where you read these books, these are a small selection of some of my favorites. They are smart, inspiring and they will make you laugh so much that your day will just get that much brighter. Enjoy!

1. Bossypants, Tina Fey

This hilarious somewhat-autobigraphical work by Tina Fey may just be what your rainy morning needs. As Janet Maslin from The New York Times wrote, Bossypants isn’t a memoir. It’s a spiky blend of humor, introspection, critical thinking and Nora Ephron-isms for a new generation.” In the book, Tina Fey gives us personal and life advice based on her own experiences in the most comical and relatable way possible, while always remaining painfully honest and true to herself. It is almost impossible to read an entire paragraph without jumping up and down with laughter, and if you read it in the subway like I did, it may be a bit awkward. I decided to start reading Bossypants because so many of my friends had found it “life-changing” and “genius”, both of which I agree with, however I would describe it more as: having the exact amount of humor, irony and realism that a city girl needs. For me, it was a breath of fresh air.

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How To Get The Chelsea Boot Look For Less

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This fall, I’ve definitely seen a return to more classic silhouettes, particularly ankle boots made of gorgeous leather or suede with low-stacked heels. Even though this may seem like an extremely specific style, I’ve actually had a hard time picking a pair to invest in because there is such a variety of boots in my favorite stores nowadays, until I saw these boots from J. Crew.

These boots are actually Chelsea boots, otherwise known as dealer boots, jodhpur boots or paddock boots, and they were extremely popular in the 1960s as everyone from the Rolling Stones to the Beatles wore them. I love the subtle rock-and-roll vibe that these boots can bring to an outfit. Unfortunately, $248 is a lot more than I can afford right now, but I was thrilled to find cheaper alternatives that still have the same feel—and almost half the price of J. Crew’s.

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7 Quilted Pieces To Try This Fall

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When I say the word, “quilted,” does it conjure up images of Vera Bradley? While I did have my own Vera wallet back in the day, I wouldn’t say that those quilted bags are part of my wardrobe anymore. But recently, the company made this surprising announcement that in order to appeal to more Millennials, they are going to carry quilted leather goods! I think that this a great move for the company, since the quilted trend is definitely coming back strong and sure this fall.

I personally love this trend! It adds more textual interest to your outfits, and there are so many ways to incorporate it, whether it’s a quilted cross body bag or a vest. It’s also a great fall trend because quilted pieces tend to be a little warmer with the double layer of fabric. I also think it has a preppy, polished look that can make an item look more expensive. Here are a few of my favorite picks…

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10 Cute Snoods To Wear This Fall

via The Black Feather

Worn on your head or around your neck, a snood will help you brave through the heaviest of rains and the stiffest of breezes. Listed below are my top ten picks perfect for any type of fall weather. Ranging from the fluffy to ultra chic, these scarves epitomize everything I love about fall: rich colors and comfy knits.

1. H&M Knit Tube Scarf | 2. Sequin Snood | 3. Fisherman Rib Button Snood | 4. Mixed Knit Snood Scarf | 5. +Eleven Everything Foil-Print Wool Snood | 6. J. Crew Bandana Snood | 7. UGG Textured Snood | 8. Wine Zig Zag Snood | 9. Athleta ECHO Ombre Scarf 10. Dip Dye Snood

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Spring ’15 Hairstyles You Can Wear This Fall

If you’re still drooling over the NYFW SS15 collections, you won’t have to wait over six months to wear these runway-inspired styles. There were wearable hair trends in every show ranging from braids and effortless waves to sleek ponytails. If you are looking for a little hair inspiration, check out my eight favorites from NYFW…

T H E  C H I C  T O P K N O T

via Estetica Magazine

I am more than thrilled to see that topknots were all over the runways during NYFW last week. I love this choice of a hairstyle during a fashion show because it avoids any distraction from the hair and truly keeps the focus on the outfit and styling. As a bonus, topknots are also an extremely attainable. For a bigger bun, tease the top of your hair before securing the bun in bobby pins.

S L I C K E D  B A C K

via Washington Roberts

All of the Washington Roberts models wore this teased look which I think is extremely appropriate for a night out or concert. You can achieve this look by teasing the top of your hair as you would with a pompadour. Then slick the sides back and secure them underneath the tease with bobbi pins. This is a great wearable way to achieve that look without leaving the house drenched or looking like you have greasy hair.

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15 Fall Must Haves For Your Wishlist

via Free People

The tell-tale signs of autumn are fast approaching and I’m all buckled up and ready to go! It’s time to dive into the season and get acquainted with the latest offerings via prime runway style inspiration translated into real life sensibilities. There’s a lot to sample and enjoy this fall and we’ve only just begun. Here’s a glimpse of what to look forward to when it comes to pieces that are ready to rock…

1. M.U.F.E Artist Shadow (Hazelnut Satin) | 2. Felt Cowboy Hat | 3. Blue Fair Isle Wool-Mohair Blend Sweater | 4. Fingerless Glove Mittens | 5.  CND Vinylux Nail Polish (Impossibly Plush) | 6. Alpaca & Wool-Blend Turtleneck | 7. Clara Platform Wedge Booties | 8. Rockstud Headband | 9. NARS Lipstick (Scarlet Empress) | 10. Navy Tara Moto Jacket | 11. Narciso Rodriguez (Narciso) | 12. Side-Zip Stripe Tee | 13. Tricolor Pyramid Drop Earrings | 14. Zip Applique Leather Bucket Bag | 15. High Riser Rivington Trousers

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